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Student Culinary Council

SCCThe Student Culinary Council is our approach to constant, structured student engagement that allows students to participate in their dining program in meaningful ways:

  • Taste: Students preview tastes of all the great new foods that we feature every month.
  • Talk: Students can "talk" about things that affect their dining experience on campus in a constructive environment.
  • Learn: Students get the opportunity to learn about food - from cooking lessons to dietary science we can improve campus life through teaching students the things we are experts in...quality of life.
  • Share: The SCC members carry the lessons and message from campus dining out of the SCC and into the Campus Community.

Meetings are held monthly during the semester depending on the academic calendar, and typically last an hour. It is a great way to connect and be involved in your dining program.

To learn more and to get involved, contact Howard Dining at

Howard University | Dining Services | Blackburn University Center | 2397 6th Street, NW | Washington DC 20059 | tel. (202) 806-7400 | Contact Us